Call-In Bible Studies

Women’s Studies

 NEW Wednesdays | Philippians

6:30PM PST / 9:30PM EST

 Hope, Help & Encouragement for Times of Suffering.

 Tuesdays | Lessons Learned From The Life of Joseph

01:00pm EST  

This Tuesday Women’s Study is an in-depth look at the life of Joseph and learning lessons from his story that we can apply to our own lives such as overcoming adversity, how to respond to injustices without becoming bitter, having patience in the midst of our struggles, trusting God in the midst of waiting, learning to forgive the unforgivable and learning about how God redeems what the enemy has meant for harm in our lives.

 Wednesdays |Women of the BiblE

02:00pm EST

As we learn about the women of the Bible, we will discover the Father’s heart towards women as well as be inspired and encouraged in our faith.

 Tuesdays |Knowing God right where you are

07:00pm EST

The Tuesday Evening Women’s Study is currently covering the topic “Knowing God Where You Are,” and is set to use selected Scriptures as the compass for spiritual direction. 

 Sundays |The book of James

10:00am EST

Join us in this Sunday Morning Women’s Study as we unpack the book of James.

MEN’s Studies

Tuesday NIGHTS | Christian influence NEW!

08:00pm EST

This Tuesday Evening Men’s Study is a topical study covering biblical influence and inspiration. With the use of selected scriptures and appropriate metaphors (like using the characteristics of an athlete or the qualities of salt & light), this study is set to challenge and charge men to wield heaven’s influence in the environments where the Lord has placed you.  

Saturday Mornings | Book of johah

09:30am EST

This study in the Book of Jonah is primarily focused on obedience and how we respond to God when he speaks to us.



08:00pm EST

The Wednesday evening men’s study is currently in the book of Luke. The study will focus on the life of Jesus Christ as the perfect Man and the Savior of the world. Action and passion of faith will be a few key ingredients discussed within the scope of this study.


09:00am EST

The Saturday Morning Men’s Study is currently in the First Epistle of Peter. The scope of the study is set to encourage men to live victoriously in the midst of a world of hostility, by maintaining a hope of Christ’s return.

SUNDAY NIGHTS | The Book of James

08:00pm EST

Join us in this Sunday Evening Men’s Study as we unpack the book of James.

OPEN Studies

Monday| The thread

07:00pm EST

From Genesis to Revelation, this Monday night open study helps apply scriptural reference to current events of today.


SunDAYS | Fundamentals of Faith

07:00pm EST

This brand new Sunday night Open Study is designed specifically for teens and twenties. Grow in the fundamentals of faith and connect with peers from all over the country!


07:00pm EST

The Tuesday Evening Open Study is set to go through the Books of First, Second, and Third John. This expository study will focus on the stark contrasts that the Apostle John lays out in regards to truth and error, light and darkness, sin and righteousness. These general epistles are great litmus tests for the Christian to measure the reality of their conversion. Join us as we look at the “character of Christianity.” 


THURSDAYs | The Ancestry of Jesus

09:00am EST

Join us in exploring the ancestry of Jesus on this Thursday Morning Open Bible Study. 

Wednesdays | Foundational Faith

05:30pm EST

The Wednesday evening Open Study is especially suited for those young in faith, providing foundational perspectives that will help you grow in Faith.


Believers from all over the country talk and discuss the Bible and relate in their Christian walk.


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Our Call-in Conference Bible Studies are a unique ministry that works not as a replacement, but as a supplement to the church. We believe this mobile medium of fellowship is capable to feed ones faith and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We also believe they are useful as a bridge that brings the Word of God directly into any environment (whether at home, at work, or even on the road), as a means to facilitate fellowship for those who cannot get to church or leave their house due to various circumstances.