Call-in Conference Bible Studies

Fellowship is one call away.

Bring the Word of God directly into any environment.


Women's Studies

NEW Wednesdays |Women of the Bible

02:00pm EST

As we learn about the women of the Bible, we will discover the Father's heart towards women as well as be inspired and encouraged in our faith.

Tuesdays | The Book of Philippians

01:00pm EST |  10:00pm EST

The Tuesday Women's Study will journey through the book of Philippians, finding hope, help, and encouragement for times of suffering.


Mondays | The Gospel of John

06:30pm EST

The Monday Evening Women's Study is currently in the Gospel according to John. The Study is set to cover the life of Jesus, but mainly from the lens that He is God manifested in the flesh.


"I am so thankful I joined these studies. It keeps me closer to God and when I hear all of the comments and testimonies, it really affects me. These studies are a wonderful way to stay in touch with the Lord."

- Stan, Michigan


Men's Studies

WEDNESDAYs | The book of job

08:00pm EST

The Wednesday Evening Men's Study is currently in the book of Job. The study will focus on the storms of life, and that even though the circumstances to our pain and suffering are real, it is for a season. For if we can be obedient in leaning on God through it all, we are truly blessed beyond our comprehension.  


09:00am EST

The Saturday Morning Men's Study is currently in the First Epistle of John. The scope of the study is set to cover the Light of God, the Love of God, and the Life of God. 

SUNDAYs | The book of Hosea

08:00pm EST

The Sunday Evening Men's Study is currently in the book of Hosea. This study will uncover God's faithfulness to His bride, the Church, by looking at the story of Hosea and how God called him to stay committed to his unfaithful bride Gomer. 


"The studies have helped me get closer to our Lord and Savior. They have brought clarity of thought and peace to my heart. I appreciate Soldiers For Faith for making this possible."

-Mark, Texas


Open Studies

SunDAYS | Fundamentals of Faith NEW!

07:00pm EST

This brand new Sunday night Open Study is designed specifically for teens and twenties. Grow in the fundamentals of faith and connect with peers from all over the country!


07:00pm EST

The Tuesday Evening Open Study is set to go through the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This expository study will focus on the joy that is possible to possess in the journey when you are walking with Jesus.


09:00am EST

Join us in taking a look through the book of Matthew chapters 5 and 6 in what’s commonly called the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. In these incredible chapters we’ll see the King of Kings expressing the True interpretation of God’s law to those who call on His Name! Join us in this exciting study! 

Wednesdays | THE BOOK OF ACTS

05:30pm EST

The Wednesday evening Open Study is currently in the book of Acts. Join this open study and get connected with believers from all over the country.


Believers from all over the country talk and discuss the Bible and relate in their Christian walk.


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Our Call-in Conference Bible Studies are a unique ministry that works not as a replacement, but as a supplement to the church. We believe this mobile medium of fellowship is capable to feed ones faith and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We also believe they are useful as a bridge that brings the Word of God directly into any environment (whether at home, at work, or even on the road), as a means to facilitate fellowship for those who cannot get to church or leave their house due to various circumstances.