AHCX-Pandemic Finale 5


We Are Messengers | Unspoken | Danny Gokey


Join us this Sunday, May 31st @7:30pm EST, on your couches, in your beds, and at your dining room tables another edition of our At Home Concert Experience! We are bringing the concert to you! It will be an intimate, interactive, and fun experience! From living room to living room, We Are Messengers, Unspoken, and Danny Gokey are excited to bring you some entertainment and most importantly, Jesus! The event is only open to the first 400 households, so be sure to register now!

How to Register


Fill out the form below to gain access



Set up the concert

Check below for some pro tips!

AHCX-Pandemic Finale 6

Make sure you get on at least 15 minutes prior to the concert starting! You'll want to get any kinks worked out before we start so you don't miss a thing!! Access will be granted up to 30 minutes prior (7pm EST).


Set up in a room with a good wi-fi connection and clear view of the screen. We recommend using airplay to stream the concert from your computer to your TV.


Turn on your video! We want to see you and connect with you on video! There will be chances to chat with the band and submit song requests. They want to see who they are singing with.


Turn it up!

This is a CONCERT! It doesn’t matter if you’re in your pj’s, have a showered head, or not wearing makeup. Turn up the volume and DANCE like nobody’s watching!


Participate in the chat

There will be a live chat happening during the concert, so be sure to participate and meet some new people along the way! There will be opportunities for song requests and questions for the band. Bring those beforehand and be ready to submit them!

Questions? We got you!

email: lphillips@soldiersforfaith.com