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Filling Our Spiritual Tanks

October 10, 2019

I love how God uniquely created us as women! Science will confirm that the female brain is wired to bond and connect. With whom you might ask? Well with just about anyone we find in our path! We are highly empathetic, with a large ability to multi-task, so when you entered the doors of the Ocean City Tabernacle on September 28, 2019, for the 2nd annual Soldiers For Faith “Faithful and Fearless” Women’s Gathering, you saw throngs of women gabbing, hugging, and quickly getting reacquainted, all while indulging in a buffet of every sort of carb imaginable –oh and there was fruit for the disciplined-at-heart! The decibel level was at an all-time high and the day was just getting started.And it only got better… The women were brought into the presence of God through gifted worship leader Katie Gallagher of Liberty University, accompanied by the Coastal Christian worship team. We were all reminded that “praise precedes power,” and when we “enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving,” we are brought into His presence. And praise we did!
Virginia Prodan, author of Saving my Assassin, gave a stirring account of how she as a Christian was persecuted under the Romanian Communist rule. Her testimony was compelling, and she inspired us to walk by faith in spite of a hostile culture. Virginia would be beaten, placed under house arrest, kidnapped and eventually come face to face with her assassin. It was an awe-inspiring story graced with God’s handwriting on it from start to finish. And we need to be reminded of that fact in our own lives.I was honored to represent Soldiers For Faith and share my experience of teaching a “Call-In Bible Study,” which is the heart of Soldier’s mission to “go make disciples.” I reminded us women that we are the keepers of the gates at home, the influencers to our children, and the heart and pulse of the culture. But we need to “step out in order to step into God’s grace” and that begins with understanding the importance of studying the Word of God. No excuses!It was difficult to choose a break-out session because they were all so enticing and diverse. April Lassor shared her heart on “How to Mend a Messy Marriage”; Katie Gallagher challenged us to look at worship—as not just music—but about the state of our hearts; Abby Robinson proved that age has nothing to do with spiritual depth. Being only 20 years old, with biblical wisdom beyond her years, she spoke on the importance of taking the sword off the shelf (the Bible) and begin to wield it; and Danielle Wilson reflected on how our seasons of anonymity– like Christ’s first 30 years–are all preparation to fulfill our purposes in God’s good time.The day concluded with singer/songwriter and multiple GMA Dove award winner, Nichole Nordeman. She graced the piano and sang through her beautifully written songs with precious commentary on how the ballads related to the varied seasons in her life. There was no absence of laughter—nor tears– during this heartfelt session of vulnerability and transparency using the powerful tool of music and words to glorify God in her life.
Of course, in between all of these sessions were carbs, and more carbs—Philadelphia soft pretzels, ice cream, ice coffee, and even door prizes. I have attended many conferences in my life, but I must say–without prejudice– that a price of a ticket for Soldiers For Faith provides an overabundance of food for the body, friend connections for life, and a heavy dose of spiritual filling to sustain and empower us women to live in a manner worthy of our unique calling.
If you’re ready to deepen your relationship with Christ and dive into the word with men and women from all over the country, we encourage you to join one of our Call-in Bible Studies! Come and see.

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If you’re looking for discipleship, click on the link below to join us on one of our Soldiers For Faith Call-In Bible Studies.


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