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A hunt for the answers to 10 questions. Each correct answer will get you a spot in the drawing to win our NEW ACHX t-shirt! 10 participants will win!

Each answer can be found in 1 of 3 places:,, and the wonderful Word of God.

So, ‘GO AND SEE’ what the answers are and submit them below for your chance to win!

Each person you refer who participates will get you an extra spot in the drawing! 

This could be yours!

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1: As of June 29th, how many TOTAL Bible Studies do we have per week?

2: What is the warrior in the 13th photo on the Soldiers For Faith Warriors page eating?

3: What is the theme Bible verse for the At Home Concert Experience? 

         BONUS: What is SFF Theme verse?

4: What NFL teams did board member Rich Garza play for?

5: What is the script from Marching on Monday October 14th?

         BONUS: Who wrote the Marching On song?

         BONUS 2: What verse is referenced?

6: What is the first standing order of Soldiers for Faith?

7: How many books are in the bible?

         BONUS: How many books in the New Testament are epistles(letters)? 

         BONUS 2: Which Epistles were written by Paul?

8: What was the blog post from June 19th about?

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