September 2021

September 26, 2021

Tired, worried, confused in this mixed-up world? Then PLEASE just keep on reading….

Okay, did you experience that? Didn’t we feel God’s awesomewings of shelter move as we read? Didn’t we find PEACE in those few passages we read! And how much more waits inside the covers of the Bible?

It’s a wonderful peace that waits for us in GOD’s PERFECT WORD! A PEACE above all understanding! That is the wonder and power of God’s living and HOLY WORD!

Soldiers For Faith encourages all to seek God’s Word with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength TODAYHis promise, that in Him we will find Peace, is true! Whether through your local Church, your own small group, or through Soldiers For Faith’s call-in Bible StudiesGod’s wings of shelter are there to cover us in this lost and broken world!

At Soldiers for Faith, through the God-given blessing of our free conference-calling format, you can join one of our Men’s, Woman’s, or Open Bible Study any day or night of the week. We will not neglect those considered – but are not – the least of these, through our SPECIAL NEEDS WARRIORS CALL-IN BIBLE STUDIES as well!

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