The Testimony of a Tear

June 29, 2017

Author: Matthew Maher,

I wonder how much emotion fits into each tear.

I know a gamut of situations can squeeze them out. What is it really that triggers the tear duct?

Something on the inside is pinched and causes a gloss to lube your eye; and depending on the gravity of the situation, tears can mist over like dew on grass, they can flow over like a river without a bank, or they can flood out like a waterfall that has no visible stream to feed.

There’s just something about our tears—whether rejoiceful or mournful—that testify to a longing within that can only come from above. If there were nothing more to this world, then why cry? But as rain falls from above, so do our tears come from above. They are liquid evidence of heaven inside of us. Whether recognized to be such or not, they are still the releasing of moisture that stems from some sort of emotional exposure. And if we are exposed to emotions, then something had to have given us the ability to feel joy or pain, as a disclosure to return to sender.

Tears are reminders that the internal being was created to be an eternal being. As they rise up and flow out, they are the soul’s search for their source. No one questions the atmospherical fact that rain comes from clouds, and though it falls down, through its flow comes a rainbow. A reminder in the sky that God’s promise is alive. When rain comes down, man needs to know that’s when the “rainbow” needs to be searched out.

Don’t question your tears, instead go on a quest with your tears.

They’ll bring you to the very loving Hand of your Maker. “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes” (Revelation 21:4a).

When you learn to bow now through the rain, the rainbow above proves there’s a point to the pain; to bring us to Him on the river of this “living water” like a message in a bottle returning to its sender. “Put my tears into Your bottle” and bring us Home O Lord! (Psalm 56:8).

Personally, if my tears could talk, they would tell you to “Come Home where your heart belongs. Come to Jesus dear friends, He’s the One to whom our heart truly longs.” Our tears here will find their meaning there. Don’t ever overlook the eternal source of your crying, for there’s great purpose in every tear!


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