June 14, 2023

“I can’t pray.” “I’m totally overwhelmed.” “How could God allow this to happen to me?” I have heard these and many similar laments through the years from women who have been knocked off their feet in the face of an unexpected tragedy.

I have said those very words myself. I know that the initial sadness can be so overwhelming that you can’t even pray. The mind is orbited into a blank space; you feel emotionally and spiritually paralyzed. 

I don’t ever attempt to talk women into peace of mind; only God can do that. “He will keep your mind in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed upon Him” (Isaiah 26:3). I listen with a compassionate heart and if the moment is right, I tell them the one thing that worked for me when my world imploded, and I was drowning in a sea of confusion – worship music.

I discovered it is during those times, you simply do what is doable. You put on worship music. I inadvertently came upon this jewel of a remedy while driving my car. The Christian radio station, which regularly served as inspirational background music, suddenly became a microphone. Each lyric had a message, every musical note orchestrated balm to my heart. It was like I discovered a secret pathway into the heart of my heavenly Father’s ears, and it was reciprocal as His words like an arrow went straight to my heart. I consumed the melodious messages like a fresh glass of water, and I was spiritually drinking in hope. The songs became a chariot that transported me to the Throne Room of Heaven.

We see the soothing power of music all over Scriptures. King Saul’s mind was troubled by an evil spirit and the King summoned David to play his harp as it was the only thing that would settle him (I Samuel 16:23). Another such account was when the people were passing through the desert, there was no water to be found. Can you imagine the fear that took hold in their hearts? I’m sure they were visualizing the horrific slow death that awaited them. They, like you, didn’t understand God at that moment.

Then God spoke to Moses and said, “gather the people together, and I will give them water” (Numbers 21:16). They gathered in circles on the sand took up their staves and dug deep into the burning earth.  Reality said this is impossible, but belief in the spiritual nudged them to do something unnatural while they were digging. They sang, “spring up, o well, sing ye unto it.” And water was provided. I can imagine the words to that song uplifting their hearts helping them to believe before they could see.

We can encounter our own life preserving streams in the desert when we exercise our faith through praise. To sing is to say words of faith. Praise brings us to the gates of heaven. “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise” (Psalm 100:4). Do not allow the enemy’s lies of,” your life is over,” or “you will never get through this” carry your mind to the pit of hell. Satan cannot stand before praises to God. He runs and flees. Singing to God will help you rebuke those fears, and it is a direct act of worship. It is talking about the most high God rather than focusing on the brokenness in our lives and the problems laid out before us. Praise, even during the hardest of trials, gives us an opening to God’s heart that we might even see our trouble as a blessing in disguise. 

I have learned the value of incorporating worship music in my daily routine regardless of my state of mind. Worship will boost your mood when you are down and give you heavenly energy when you feel low. Science confirms that music has an intense yet positive impact on physical and mental health. Worship music confirms it ministers to our overall spiritual health and well-being; it is our earthly portal to the heavenly places.

“I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify Him with thanksgiving” (Psalm 69:30).

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