Marching On Monday

Short in length but long in strength, these videos are designed to infuse your day and week with spiritual motivation. Like us on Facebook to catch the next #MarchingOnMonday!

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Soldiers For Faith TV

Through music videos, interviews, devotionals, and documentaries, our Media & Production Team ventures to capture the integrity of those on the other side of the lens, while creating a message of authenticity and transparency from our side of the lens.
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Undeniable Stories

These short videos look to explore the imagery and emotion experienced when God reveals Himself to His children in an undeniable way. These are raw testimonies from real people with relevant impact.

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Rise Above The Noise

A focus on truth! This monthly series, hosted by our Founder and CEO Kelly McAndrew, covers today’s current issues and pulls us back to the truths found in God’s word. Join us as we bond together to “Rise Above the Noise.”
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Featured on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, hear the story of Matthew Maher’s journey from pro soccer player to ex- convict to an influential leader of thousands of youth every year. Kelly McAndrew also had the honor to share his story of how the Lord Jesus took his life of brokenness, emptiness and hopelessness into a ‘Born Again’ life in Jesus.
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