June 2022

June 26, 2022

Wow does it feel SOOOOO good to welcome in summer! And while we are at it, let’s just give a LOUD thank you to our Lord and God for the sun, the earth, the sea and all of His Good creation! And most of all we thank You Lord Jesus for the gift of Salvation! A gift for those who believe, that will never change with seasons!

So as we head into the summer of 22’, Soldier For Faith Ministries would like to share with you an amazing path the Lord has set our Warriors ministry on!

For the first time in May of last month, we gathered together a large number of teenagers – along with their parents – and held our first ever SFF ‘Warriors Gaming’ event in Franklin Tennessee. And what a day it was!
Together with a group of Christian mentors and gaming enthusiasts, this young group of Warriors – many with what the ‘world’  defines as special needs’ – yet we see as Warriors! We recognize God our Father has designed us’ ALL’ in His image! Period! End of story! Ha’ even Moses would have been labeled today as he spoke to God saying “I am slow of speech and slow of tongue

OK OK back to the event!!! And what a day it was!! It started with each of the players meeting, greeting and gaming non competitively that led up to our tournament finale. And throughout the event we had our Soldiers For Faith mentors paving the way by encouraging a team first, Christcenteredfellowship approach throughout the (4) hour afternoon.

And as a special part of the event during our half-time break – that’d be lunch! – former NFL star and San Antonio Spurs ChaplainSoldier For Faith’s Rich Garza spoke to our young Warriors about

EMILY, One Warrior Mother summed up the impact of the event, “POWERFUL- Powerful impact made upon the wonderful minds of these young Boys. My son was definitely moved by this. You’re changing lives”


To our awesome partners/sponsors who have made it possible to bring the Word of God, Godly music, and the Hope of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, to YOU, we are so grateful!
To help us expand Warriors Gaming and to be a partner with us in letting the world know “we have found the one Moses and the Prophets wrote about ‘COME AND SEE’ “
⎼ John 1:44-46 

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