August 2022

August 4, 2022

What is Truth…
As those words echoed across the stone and marble portico of Pontius Pilate’s palace – say that 3 times fast… lol – who would have ever thought those same words would echo still throughout the world in 2022’
Yet it’s the answer to that question THAT SOUNDS LOUDER AND MORE WONDERFULLY today than it did over 2000 years ago! Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world said with the Father as witness, 

Yes, even today in a world full of crafty deception, unashamed lies, and boldness in promoting wrong, it is Jesus in whom we need to seek for Truth!!!!
And we at Soldiers For Faith Ministries are seeing that desire and desperation for Truth every day. Amazing! We Praise the King of kings as each week we’re welcoming new attendees to our call-in Bible Studies. Sandi from Florida who recently joined Soldiers For Faith’s Thursday morning study said this, 

Like Sandi and many others, we welcome you to check out Soldiers For Faith’s Call in Bible Studies! Just have your coffee, your Bible, your comfy recliner and you’re ready to go!

And let us share with you our most recent ministry platformSoldiers For Faith’s Warriors Gaming! Praising the King ONCE AGAIN!! Check this out…. In Franklin Tennessee we held our 3rd monthly gaming event, with over 25 teenagers attending – with many of these awesome teens having what the world would call special needs. Ha! Special needs indeed! Every teenager – and we mean EVERY TEENAGER – rocked the controller with incredible gaming competitions. Couple that with Christian mentors and an incredible guest speaker Raynard Brown- inspiring the teenagers to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior – and WHAT A DAY IT WAS!!! Parent, Emily Smith reached out to say,

And just last weekend Soldiers For Faith’s Warriors Gaming began it’s second location in Grapevine, Texas with 18 jazzed up youngins experiencing Godly fun, Christian mentorship and a dose of the Good News of the Gospel from former NFL star Chaplain Rich Garza!

Praise you Jesus in Heaven for what you are allowing us to do for the least of these! ALL GLORY and HONOR to GOD that Truth is found in YOU!
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