Women Arise : Christmas Edition

December 23, 2019

Author: Andrea Maher

It’s that wonderful time of year again!   Yet notably, I bet you wondered if you had time to even read this because you are swamped by all the dutiful obligations that go along with this season. To which I say, then perhaps you must!  Even more so because we are living in the world of upside down like no other time in American history.

The older I get, the clearer my perspective becomes on how far we have wavered from the true meaning of this most special season — which celebrates the birth of a Savior. It’s no secret that Christmas has been supplanted by commercialism and hijacked to its new and secularly approved name change– “Winter Holiday.”

Jesus birthday is not only ignored, but censored from every public arena, and instead we laud Frosty, Rudolph and Good Old Saint Nick.  And if we have small children, Santa unequivocally sits on the throne of the season.  Don’t get me wrong!  I am all for the magical wonder of a season that carries  visions of sugar plums dancing in children’s imaginations.  I get the joy of tiny hands writing out their wish lists while envisioning them under a brightly lit tree on Christmas morning.

However, as followers of Jesus Christ, and as women who fashion the landscape of our homes, we must resist falling prey to this being the ultimate message of the season.  We can build imaginations to make the wonder of the King’s arrival paramount to finding  Elf on the Shelf.  This time of year –like none other– can truly be an invaluable time of teaching the need for a Savior and the traditions of our faith.


So, I have a few suggestions that would fall right in line with the excitement of the holidays.   As a family,  be intentional and pray for specific friends and extended family members that you want to share your faith with in honor of the Christmas season.    “For faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of God” (Romans 10:17).  And then take time each night to sit and share how God has moved in response to your prayers. The operative words for success are to be “excitedly intentional.”

Also, if you have children,  why not write out your own adult  “wish list” and create spiritual conversation. Maybe even hang it on the fridge alongside theirs.

Imagine the wonder in your children’s eyes when they realize that you are just as excited as them about your grown -up Christmas list.  Only yours will be one that fulfills eternal purposes  and potentially plants seeds in hearts and minds.  Or better yet—a wish list that leaves a legacy.  Does this sound unrealistic?  It shouldn’t!  Change will come only when it begins one home at a time.

So, get out your pen and write the matters of your heart, then as enthusiastically as  receiving your most coveted gift, share it with your family.   Perhaps we as women, like no other time, can commit to promoting the power of  prayer in our homes in true celebration of the birth of a Savior.

“The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective” (James 5:16).



May  I put YOU first before everything else in my life. 

May I  truly attempt to love my neighbor as myself especially the poor, the needy, and those facing hard times.

May I  be a good example of You and take the time to make my faith look inviting to others.

May You Oh Lord, restore the institution of marriage and may it begin in my home.  May we always uphold the importance of family where “as long as we both shall live” means faithful until death, not until something better comes along, or the going gets too tough.

May we as parents and grandparents spend as much time conversing with our families, as we do scrolling and trolling on social media.

Help our churches to always preach the truth of Your Word.  Give us the courage to speak the truth in love regardless of the culture.

Lastly, I wish for a revival to sweep through our land where people could truly connect with the One True Hope that the season of Christmas is all about—salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord.  It is that hope that keeps my wish list alive.

Let us remember Christ’s message of salvation is for all people, and crosses every  racial, cultural,  and economic divide.

Can we make this Christmas different?  Can we arise one woman at a time, one home at a time?    Can each of us in our own circumstances begin to accept the spirit of Christ in our hearts rather than celebrate some vague spirit of Christmas.

• • •

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