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We are a ministry motivated by the words of Phillip ‘COME AND SEE’ (John 1:45-46). We provide methods for the least of these to ‘COME AND SEE’ the Lord. From our Call-In Bible Studies, to our Special Needs ministry, and our At Home Concert Experience, everything we do is motivated by our call to bring people to ‘COME AND SEE’ the Lord through our Call-In Bible Studies! Come join other believers for Biblical truths and guidance through the Holy Spirit.

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Women Arise: Peace Like a River

Women Arise: Peace Like a River Article by Andrea Maher When I read something that moves me deeply, I automatically find myself googling the author’s name to learn their backstory. I wonder what they had to experience to possess a marksman-like aim that shoots a bullseye straight to the heart. Recently the words of an

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Women Arise: When Disappointment Comes

Women Arise: When Disappointment Comes Article by Andrea Maher Webster’s dictionary defines disappointment as “sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.”  The keywords that resonate with me are “nonfulfillment of one’s expectations.”  I know it’s my fault that I place high standards of what I expect from friendships. By personality,

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Women Arise: The Mommy Brain

Women Arise: The Mommy Brain Article by Andrea Maher I’m sure most women would agree that one of the most life-altering, momentous and transforming events that has ever happened in their lives was when they crossed over to the realm of MOTHERHOOD.   This new role launches a woman in such a profound way that even

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Women Arise: For The Bible Tells Me So

Women Arise: For The Bible Tells Me So Article by Andrea Maher I often run into women that I haven’t seen in a while, and one of the questions they inevitably ask is if I am still teaching Bible study.  You see, I taught Bible study for over four decades – that’s lots of women

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Women Arise: Never Again

Women Arise: Never Again Article by Andrea Maher One thing I will always be grateful for is both my father and mother had the blessing of being surrounded by their loved ones as they took their last breath on this earth. Prior to 2020, that sentiment would have been a norm. My father died in

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Who’s in Control?

Who’s in Control? Article by Andrea Maher I have often thought how difficult life would be if I didn’t believe in God. I’m always wondering how non-believers navigate the many ups and downs of living in a fallen world. It must cause continual inner turmoil, instability, and a weighted backpack of daily fear. For us

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We believe that God freely offers eternal life

to anyone who would place his or her faith in Jesus Christ.


This comes as God’s gift to us apart from our own merits or standards of righteousness, but through the perfect sacrifice of
 Jesus Christ at the cross at Calvary.