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    Come join other believers for Biblical truths and guidance through the Holy Spirit.
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    We offer multiple programs from AHCX, Warriors, and 3D Academy that offer all ages opportunities to fellowship together.
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Warriors Gaming

Warriors Gaming is a ministry dedicated towards building community, mentoring, and pointing young men and women to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, utilizing video gaming as a medium.

Warriors Gaming organizes events where young men and women can play video games together, and learn about what the Bible teaches about loving God, loving others, and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. It also provides the opportunity for participants to build close friendships, and have mentors that can impact their lives in a way that reflects Biblical principles.

Events take place in various Belong Gaming (belong.gg) locations throughout the country either bi-weekly or monthly depending on respective local communities. Events are fully funded by Soldiers For Faith Ministries, whose resources are used for venue rentals, gaming equipment, catering, day-of event decorations/signage, promotional assets, and human resources.

Warriors Gaming enlists helpers and volunteers, all of whom undergo proficient background checks. With 5-6 helpers/volunteers per event, they are there to help assist participants, play games, and represent Biblical ethics and principles to those involved.

Warriors Gaming is not for profit, and its events come at no cost to the various communities it serves across the country.