"The Prayer that Changed Everything" ft. Jonathan Gonzalez

Riches in Christ are Meant to be Shared

Christians can ignore the incredible riches of the spiritual life we are given by God and never use them for purposes God intended. Rather than embrace the goodness of God in Christ, they heap up for themselves transcendent experiences, clever teachings, gregarious mentors cluttering an authentic spiritual experience with manmade abundance. This is a waste of both our position in Christ, and the richness of His grace and mercy.

The Beauty of Christ’s Death

The Beauty of Christ’s Death Article by Dennis Call The dust and heat were stifling.  The weight we carried was physically and mentally debilitating.  The environment was deadly, the danger …

Missing the Mark

Why do bad things happen? If God is good, how can evil exist? Just as all worldviews address the existence of God, they also attempt to explain the existence of evil.