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At Home Concert Experience

From living room to living room, join us in this interactive and intimate concert experience with your favorite christian bands!

At Home Concert Experience


Soldiers for Faith Warriors

A program designed specifically for those facing unique challenges

Soldiers for Faith Warriors


Faithful and Fearless Women's Gathering

Tickets available soon!

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Women Arise: God is Doing Something Big

Women Arise : God is Doing Something Big Article by Andrea Maher It feels like forever since I and the rest of our country went into self-imposed quarantine as recommended by the President.   I have rarely left the house!    I’m pretty much a rigid rule- follower—always have been!  As one of seven children, with a

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What a Savior!

What a Savior! Article by Dennis Call “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,” that’s how the Apostle Paul describes the mission and finished work of the Gospel message in I Timothy 1:15.  What does it mean to save sinners?  Saved from what? A Terminal Condition Have you ever observed two young children

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Women Arise: Sender of the Storms

Women Arise : Sender of the Storms Article by Andrea Maher I remember the first time I  was knocked off my feet by a storm—I was a young Christian.  It had to do with a son gone prodigal.  I didn’t understand how things in my perfectly planned home life could go so terribly wrong.   I

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The Hope of the Gospel in Times of Suffering

The Hope of the Gospel in Times of Suffering Article by Dennis Call For 21st Century Americans, these are unprecedented times we are living in.  The level of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty is higher than it’s been since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  Family, friends, and people in our communities are thinking about

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Women Arise: Surviving the Storm

Women Arise : Surviving the Storm Article by Andrea Maher There are so many people I know that are suffering under difficult conditions—from various forms of cancer and sickness, to wayward children, to untimely deaths. And for all those suffering  in the in-between, let us remember that pain is pain is pain. It’s very difficult

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Leading with Humility

Leading with Humility Article by Dennis Call Last month we saw the powerful impact of the humble and discerning leadership of John Newton in the life of William Wilberforce, and the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in the 19th century.  Newton could have sought to create a photo copy of himself in his

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We believe that God freely offers eternal life

to anyone who would place his or her faith in Jesus Christ.


This comes as God’s gift to us apart from our own merits or standards of righteousness, but through the perfect sacrifice of
 Jesus Christ at the cross at Calvary.