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Read the Blog

Read the incredible “Battle Hard Blog” by Dennis Call. This blog empowers soldiers to live fearlessly in the midst of whatever they are facing. Dennis’ Godly wisdom is so needed in our lives. He offers profound and practical advice and solutions for whatever life brings along. Additionally, we have a women’s blog, “Women Arise” written by Andrea Maher. Andrea is an unstoppable beacon of light for women everywhere. Having suffered loss and hardship in her own life, she is the perfect example of what a Godly woman looks like. 

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Watch Soldiers for Faith TV

Soldiers for Faith TV is our full library of video content. Over the years we have curated countless videos. The Undeniable series goes into the lives of some amazing soldiers with incredible redemption stories. Our Broadcast features the stories of Kelly McAndrew as well as Matthew Maher a pro soccer athlete who ran into some troubling times. Marching on Mondays features Matthew Maher as he shares short, weekly reminders of the goodness of God. Find those and countless other stories to empower, uplift, and encourage you in your walk with Christ!