Special Needs 3

Soldiers for Faith Warriors is a unique program created specifically for our friends with special needs. We believe that God created every individual with an important purpose and plan. We have provided digital platforms for those with special needs to enjoy fellowship together. We have Bible Studies both for our brave warriors and a study for the incredible parents and caretakers raising these mighty warriors! These studies are led by warriors or people heavily involved in the movement. Join a study so we can get to know you! We love having fun, laughing together, and of course getting down on the dance floor! 

Letter to the parents and caretakers

 We understand how big of a call you have on your life! We don’t see your day-to-day, but we know that having relationships centered around Christ is paramount to your success! We want to provide a safe space for you to learn, grow, and lean on other parents and caretakers. There is so much power in coming together with people in similar stages of life. Let us come alongside you, support you, and pray with you. We believe you are raising warriors, and that should not be done alone! 

Warrior Wednesday

Our weekly feature of our warriors program! We will be spending every Wednesday celebrating our warriors program and offering ways to get involved! There will be lots of laughs, smiles, and a whole lot of Jesus!

Warrior Wednesday